Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mixed Media YO

so this is a collage i did over spring break, i used a lot of mixed media, such as paper cut out for the hair, old scrapbooking paper scraps, scrap lace, pearls, and the flying birds is sheet music from Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast..which i did in my freshman year of High School haha. Basically i love mixed media and making pretty girls out of it!


  1. hello Kaylyn, welcome to the world of blogs!
    I also started slowly, without even knowing what to post ...
    but when we realize we are already 'hooked' on posts ...
    their work has a good aesthetic sense,
    keep it up ...

  2. thankyou so much! i love all of your work, everything is so adorable! i will try to post more things in the future and i hope you can check it out! thanks again!

  3. Hello Kaylyn!

    Nice work. I love collages, especially the works of surrealist artists like Max Ernst, Braque, Picasso and Gris. And good luck with the blog!